Inner Sound Music Retreats

During an Inner Sound retreat we make an inward journey through sound, music and silence with the intention to come closer to ourselves, our own voice and music.


Nada Yoga, or the Yoga of Sound, is an ancient practice from India where music and sound are consciously applied as a means to harmonize our body and mind. Whereas Hatha Yoga teaches us through Asanas (body postures) how to harmonize the more dense and physical aspects of our being, the Yoga of Sound addresses the subtler aspects of our being and helps to keep them balanced.


Nada Yoga makes a distinction between internal music or Anahata, and external music or Ahata. Anahata, the inner sound, is sometimes referred to as the unstruck sound. It is music as pure intention, before it becomes manifest as external sound. It is the sound and pulse of our being, connected to the music that is authentically ours.


To make a deeper connection with our own sound, the practice of Nada Yoga can be of great help. We learn how to experience a musical unfolding from within, an effortless action taking place in the body without interference of the thinking mind. And we discover that our inner sound has the potential to restore energetic imbalances and realign ourselves back to our centre.


During the retreat, as part of our explorations of Nada Yoga,  we will explore different practices to open and free our voice, musical improvisation games, sound journeys, singing circles, exercises to deepen our listening and increase our awareness of subtle frequencies, and a workshop on overtone singing.


Overtone singing is an ancient vocal technique of holding a single note and simultaneously sounding the harmonics of that note so that two frequencies can be heard at the same time. This technique is traditionally used in Mongolia, Siberia and Tibet and can be learned by everyone. Learning to sing overtones helps to bring back our awareness of our voice as a tool for healing and meditation. It helps to balance the mind and leaves the singer in a state of calm, well-being and clarity.


Everyone who comes with a love for music is welcome, no previous experience with singing or playing music is needed.