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To be all ears

''The reach of vibrations is according to the fineness of the plane of their starting point. The word uttered by the lips can only reach the ears of the hearer ; but the thought proceeding from the mind reaches far, shooting from mind to mind. The vibrations of mind are much stronger than those of words. The earnest feeling of one heart can pierce the heart of another ; they speak in the silence, spreading out into the sphere, so that the very atmosphere of a person's presence proclaims his thoughts and emotions. The vibrations of the soul are the most powerful and far-reaching, they run like an electric current from soul to soul.''

- Hazrat Inayat Khan

One of the marvels of music is its ability to directly transmit a state of being, in all its fullness, depth and subtlety.

What musicians communicate beyond the actual music, is the state of being they are in while playing, whether it is tension and contraction, or joy and freedom, music always transports us to the place that music originates from.

Music of the mind will only reach the mind of the listener. Music played from the heart has the potential to bring the listener back to their own heart.

And that can go both ways ; the depth with which the listener listens - the deep stillness and focus of becoming all ears and heart - helps to summon the music into being. It creates an atmosphere of openness and acceptance, a fertile ground for creativity, a climate in which the musician is more likely to connect to their own heart and soul, thus tapping into the endless stream of creativity that originates in the heart of hearts, the place of oneness we all share, the place where all music comes from and eventually flows back to.


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